25 Jan

Havent updated my blog lately.
So here’s the updates.
I have a nephew now! He’s such a cutie. He has this cheek that makes you wanna eat that cheek and big brown eyes which makes his look even cuter! By the way his name is Rafa


And then i got engaged!
Yes, he is the good guy i’ve told you before. I know he was the right one for me because he is everything i need and i want. And he loves me like crazy. Seriously. :p
plus my parents like him so much.

It was new year’s eve. We do bbq night in his house in Bandung with his family. I was sick. I got diarrhea and fever the night before. And he got fever that day too. So we both got sick. And minutes before the changing year. He took me to the front terrace to see fireworks. Just the two of us. And then its new year already. He didnt sit with me in the beginning he just stood still in front of me while accompanying me watching. Then he suddenly kneeled down before me and asked “that” question. I always wanted to start my family with this person. So i said yes. 😉



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