A decision

22 Jun

So theres this man, who would go round trip jkt-bdg even in one day only to meet me. He even went to jakarta at 03.30 am from bandung only to take me to the airport and going back to bandung after that, drove me to work couple times which means he has to come to my house at very early morning. He has done massive things with massive efforts to impress me. While noone has ever did that much (in a massive way) for me.

Distance is just a number for him. And traffic is just a good reason for him to keep me as his companion. The more traffic means the longer he can be with me, which is good for him.
He has done massive efforts literally.

Hes been doing those efforts since december. And i choose him. 🙂


Humanity in the family

1 Jun

So this morning i look for my mom and dad because i cant find them anywhere in the house.

And i see my mom coming from outside, and she was looking for food. I asked her where did she came from. She told me that there was this pitty cat who just got beaten by dogs and the cat is dying just across our home. So she and my dad wants to give food so the cat can survive.

The cat wont get out from its hidden place, so my dad using leaves to make the cat go out so my mom could feed the cat.

It was a simple thing, but it made me realize that i have such a wonderful parents. and i just feel very thankful and lucky for having parents like them. Good heart. Good deeds.



Life is a puzzle

29 May


This era

20 May

Came to my house at 00.00 to bring my dad’s birthday cake. And then he came again at 06.00 to drove me to work before heading back to bandung. Such a one of a kind of guy who would do that far in this era.. 🙌🙌


11 May

My dad is a overworried one.
His worry now is for me for still single.
He wants me to have a relationship. A serious one now.
Then get married 2 years from now the latest

For the option, well he’s up to me. Whoever i choose.
He only asks for the one who can chat with him and that his parents love me as if i’m part of their family and ofcourse head over heels to me.

More like a pressure, But i wont let my dad’s down. I cant force anything either. But i will try to grant his wishes.

Afterall, I want to get married with the right man for me. At the right time. Well who knows maybe 2 years later is the right time? Only God knows



7 May


Not the time to play around.
Not the time to think about myself and my ego.
Not the time to have a shallow mind.
Not the time to disappoint my parents.
Not the time to be weak.
Not the time to have a relationship which will end eventually.
Not the time to not care about other’s feeling.
Not the time to give up easily
Not the time to try being someone else
Not the time to take and not give

But it is

The time to be grateful.
The time to have an open mind.
The time to make my parents proud
The time to be strong
The time to care about others
The time to think about future and planning it and make it happen
The time to build a relationship that will last.
The time to gain knowledges as much as i can
The time to be me
The time to understand people
The time to give and give.
The time to be happy

And The time is ticking. Now.


7 Jan

Closer to God. Bismillah