7 May


Not the time to play around.
Not the time to think about myself and my ego.
Not the time to have a shallow mind.
Not the time to disappoint my parents.
Not the time to be weak.
Not the time to have a relationship which will end eventually.
Not the time to not care about other’s feeling.
Not the time to give up easily
Not the time to try being someone else
Not the time to take and not give

But it is

The time to be grateful.
The time to have an open mind.
The time to make my parents proud
The time to be strong
The time to care about others
The time to think about future and planning it and make it happen
The time to build a relationship that will last.
The time to gain knowledges as much as i can
The time to be me
The time to understand people
The time to give and give.
The time to be happy

And The time is ticking. Now.


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