Like in the movies

20 Oct

You know Hollywood screwed us over, it gave us this idea, this immaculate image of what love could be, what love is, what love should be. So we go out there with this preconceived notion and surreal expectation of what true love is and we try against all odds to find it, to meet it. We begin to notice signs everywhere, we mistake coincidence for fate. And when we are met by the sad reality of the things, that no it doesn’t really happen like in the movies. No it isn’t as simple as boy meets girl, boy falls in love, obstacles comes their way, they surmount it and voila! They live happily ever after. No sadly it doesn’t really go that way in real life. It is far more complex, far more complicated. Love stories are driven by the author and the characters are led exactly where the author wants them to end up. In life as much as we are and can be the driving force of our own lives, other factors which we have no control over and never could have control over intervene.

We say we are sick and tired of watching it, when we know exactly where it’s leading, yet we are still there putting two hours of our lives through a movie. Why? I think deep down we all wish for the possibility, you know what if? Because deep down, real deep down we all have bit of a hopeless romantic inside of us no matter how little or how hard we try to pretend we don’t care for that true love.


One Response to “Like in the movies”

  1. Ardie October 24, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    we also mistaken the faith

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